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     BLOGS   (150)                                                                                  Last Updated (as of 9/02)

2 Gringos in the Caribbean                 expats in the Turks/Caicos                      08/25/11
Abby's Blog                                     16yr old Abby Sunderland's blog               08/23/11
Adventures of Sarabande                   small family in the USVI                           07/14/11  
As a Bee                                           young Canadian family w/ a 47' sailboat    08/27/11
Asylum                                            a couple w/  last post from PNG               05/15/11
Attainable Adventure Cruising            a great reference site !                              08/25/11
Barco Sin Vela II                               a couple on a  40 trawler                          08/24/11 
Beth and Evans                                 experienced sailors in Newfoundland        07/21/11
Boat Bits                                          thoughts and rants on boat bits                08/25/11
BoatGirl                                            sailing a 1968 Coronado 25                     07/29/11
Bob and Suzie's Big Adventure           a couple traveling the US waterways         08/23/11
Bright Eyes                                       1985 Seidelmann 37 for sale                 08/01/11
Bumfuzzle                                         young family living in Mexico                    08/24/11
Cheap Oars                                       young guy in OK, in the planning stage     07/29/11
Coastlines & Tan Lines                       life in the little latitudes                              08/29/11
Coral                                                 108' boat from Africa to the Caribbean      04/09/11
Courtney Kirchoff                               a novelist about to move onboard              08/25/11
Cruiser Interviews - great info              questions answered by cruisers                08/22/11
Dan and Jaye                                      liveboards in Maryland                           07/22/11
Desert Star PDQ                                couple from MD w/ a 36' PDQ                 07/19/11
Disengage                                          guy on a trimaran in Vancouver, CA        08/10/11
Dock Six Chronicles                          young couple in a Canadian marina          08/26/11
Doug's Sailing Newspaper                  online sailing newspaper                          09/02/11
Follow the Boat                                  couple sailing round the world                  08/22/11
For as long as it lasts                          couple sailing down the coast of FL         08/25/11 
Forgeover                                           departure date of October 2011               08/18/11
Guiding Light                                      spiritual man on a '98 lagoon 410             08/21/11
'Imi Loa                                              couple on the way to moving aboard        07/30/11
Jake's Blog                                          parents have a blog - why not Jake          08/02/11
John Vigor                                           well-known boating writer                       08/23/11
Knotty Cat Tales                                 couple moved aboard early 2011              08/19/11
Life Afloat                                           list of blog posts in Annapolis paper         08/24/11
Live the Dream                                    couple has been cruising since 2006        06/2011
Liz & Clark                                          environmentalist cruising the world           08/24/11
Lucey Blue                                          a family of 5 cruising Australia                 08/20/11
Mid-Life Cruising                                  a couple about ready to leave land           08/23/11
Mill & Ted's Excellent Adventrues          sailing a cat on the US east coast           08/22/11
Mitgang/Gottesman Family                    family sailing the South Pacific                08/25/11
Neverbored                                           couple sailing an admiral 40' cat              08/06/11
of Butterfly and Barnacle                       English couple sailing the Caribbean         05/11/11
Ocean Prowler                                     the end of living aboard after 11 years       08/14/11
On Wet Paint                                       family with a 36' SeaRay Sedan Bridge     08/23/11
Our Life with Ceol Mors                       young family living aboard                         09/01/11
Pale Moon Dove                                   couple looking for their boat                      08/24/11
Pineapple Girl                                       trawler couple wants to do Great Loop       08/09/11
Plodding in Paradise                              musician & writer on an Island Packet       06/04/11
Polar Pacer                                          sailors go to Cuba                                     08/07/11
Rebel Heart                                          young family planning a 2013 world cruise  08/30/11
Sailing Adventures of David & Kathy       sailing since 2005, now sailing Alaska       08/24/11
Sail Away ...or not                                back on land - hoping to get back to sea    08/25/11
Sailing Camelot                                     couple sailing in Mexico                           08/31/11
Sail Delmarva                                       PDQ on the US east coast                       08/21/11
Sail Imagine                                         family sailing since '07. now in the Med     07/07/11
Sailing Adventures of Dream Catcher    sailing a PDQ 36                                       08/13/11
Sailing for SOS                                    sailing to help children around the world     07/08/11
Sailing Me Voy                                    in the middle of boat restoration                 08/21/11
Sailing Training Wheels                         learning to sail on a 25' Coronado             06/23/11
Sailing with the Missing Link                 sailing the US east coast on a Hunter        08/25/11
Sarana                                                 a Mariah 31 sailing around Mexico           06/18/11
Sarf & West                                        a Broadblue 385 sailing near NZ               08/25/11
Schooner Star of the Sea                     mission trip to Haiti on a 38' schooner       08/03/11
Seaparents                                          family sailing near Nicaragua                    07/17/11
Sitton the Beach                                  sailing a 33' Seawind catamaran                08/24/11   
Sundowner Sails Again                        couple sailing a 1974 Westsail 32'             08/21/11     
S/V Alibi II                                          couple sailing an Allied Seawind II             07/21/11
S/V Anastasia                                    sailing a Baba Ta Shing 35'                        08/25/11    
S/V Anchor Management                    sailing blog                                               06/15/11  
S/V Andiamo III                                   family of 4 sailing Mexico                         07/04/11 
S/V Architeuthis                                  sailing a Mariner 31 to New Zealand         08/16/11
S/V Balvenie                                       47' sloop in Gibraltar                                08/21/11
S/V Barramundi                                  couple's catamaran sailing adventures        08/22/11
S/V Bebe                                            couple circling the world                           08/20/11
S/V Bella Star                                     couple sailing a 1983 Hans Christian         08/20/11  
S/V Bilka                                            Norwegian couple sailing Mexico               08/25/11
S/V Blue Moon                                   couple sailing their 45' ketch                     07/18/11
S/V Blue Sky                                      family sailed around the world                   07/16/11
S/V Buena Vista                                 couple sailing the Baja peninsula                08/14/11
S/V Cape St James                             a couple sailing a 48' sloop                       08/19/11
S/V Ceilydh                                        family of 3 on a 40' catamaran                  08/31/11
S/V Crystal Blues                                sailing in South East Asia                          08/09/11
S/V Cygnus III                                    English couple sailing an Oyster 45            08/25/11
S/V Daylight                                       a man that just started is life onboard         08/21/11
S/V Deep Playa                                  a couple sailing a Pearson 424                  08/24/11   
S/V Del Viento                                    family sailing a Fuiji 40                             08/24/11
S/V Dilligaf                                         couple sailing a Jeanneau 49                     05/24/11
S/V El Tiburon                                    sailing along the Pacific coast                    08/14/11
S/V Enee Marie                                  Chicago sailors left and returned               07/18/11
S/V Estrellita                                      a couple sailing up the west coast             08/25/11
S/V Evergreen                                     family sailing the South Pacific                   08/29/11
S/V Eyoni                                           sailing an Ovni 36 near Mexico                  08/21/11
S/V Full & By                                      couple sailing a Baba 35 near Alaska        08/14/11
S/V Galactic                                        crossing the Pacific in a 45' steel cutter      08/31/11
S/V Hello World                                  sailing a Caliber 40                                    07/22/11
S/V Heron                                           couple sailing the Caribbean                     09/01/11
S/V High States                                   sailing a Beneteau 461 around Caribbean  08/26/11
S/V Infini                                             sailing a Westsail 43 in the South Pacific   08/08/11
S/V Irie                                               sail the Caribbean with a young couple       08/20/11
S/V Jasdip                                          passed the Golden Gate and turned left        08/03/11
S/V Jean Marie                                   restoration of a 41' Formosa Ketch             08/24/11
S/V Joint Venture                                a couple 83 days away from departure        08/19/11
S/V Just a Minute                                sailing a catamaran off Mexico's coast        08/28/11
S/V Just Drifting                                  life on a 47' Beneteau                                08/16/11
S/V Kaleo                                           a couple back from sailing - boat 4 sale      08/10/11
S/V Kamaya                                       family of 4 sails to Australia                        08/27/11
S/V Kokomo                                      couple on a Sabre 425 in Panama               08/24/11
S/V Lardo                                          sailing across the Pacific                             08/21/11
S/V Letitgo                                         a couple sailing a Lagoon 380                    08/23/11
S/V Meerkat                                      liveboards on a 49' Ocean Cat in SoCal      08/31/11
S/V Merengue                                    sailed an Island Packet 27 to Caribbean     08/29/11
S/V Moondance                                 sailing across the Pacific - in Bora Bora       08/27/11
S/V Nine of Cups                               couple has 65,000+ miles since 2000          08/31/11
S/V Ocelot                                         sailing a 45' cat around the world                08/01/11
S/V Panta Rhei                                    sailing a Able Apogee 50 in Mexico           08/29/11
S/V Pelican                                         family from NY that sailed together            06/17/11
S/V Phambili                                       Canadian couple sailing off the coast          08/27/11
S/V Picaroon                                      a couple sailing a Hardin Sea Wolf             08/25/11
S/V Pipe Muh Bligh                            spending hurricane season in Luperon         08/18/11   
S/V Pisces                                         sailed a Jason 35' cutter - new boat now     07/12/11   
S/V Puff                                             from cruisers to a house in the Bahamas       07/13/11
S/V Reach                                          sailing a cat in the western Caribbean          08/17/11
S/V Renova                                        36' Cape Dory sailing the Pacific                 08/25/11
S/V Rocinante                                    sailing a 1985 Passport 40                           08/09/11
S/V Rubicon                                       family living aboard in Boston Harbor           08/20/11
S/V Rutea                                           sailing a Contest 48 in the South Pacific        09/01/11
S/V Sanctuary                                     couple met on - now sailing       08/14/11
S/V Sarah Jean II                                couple sails the South Pacific                       08/06/11
S/V Savannah                                     sailing the world on a 40' catamaran             08/23/11
S/V Scorpio                                       sailing the world - now in Indian Ocean         06/03/11
S/V Sea Bunny                                   started their world cruise in 2001                  07/27/11
S/V Serenity                                        sailing Nordhavn 43 along west coast          05/23/11
S/V Soggy Paws                                 sailing around the world on a CSY 44         08/31/11
S/V Stella Blue                                    couple sailing a 1982 T37                            08/30/11
S/V Storyville                                      sailing a 41' Morgan in the Caribbean          07/29/11
S/V Taya                                             couple sailing Mexico                                 08/31/11
S/V Taipan                                          sailing a 50' Kaufman in SE Asia                08/17/11
S/V Tenaya                                         sailing a HR 40 around the world                08/28/11
S/V Third Day                                    a family cruising the Sea of Cortez               08/24/11
S/V Totem                                           family of 5 living on a Stevens 47                06/12/11
S/V Wondertime                                  sailing a 38' Benford Ketch to Mexico        08/29/11
S/V Zen                                               sailing an Islander I-29                              08/28/11
The Faulkner Family Sails Mexico        family of 4 sails Mexico on a Tartan 41      08/20/11
Three Sheets NW                                Pacific Northwest Boating News               09/01/11
Toast Floats                                         family of 4 sailing across the Pacific           08/29/11
Towards the Pacific                             2 Laurens cruising around the Pacific          08/30/11
Wave Train                                         a blog about cruising sailboats                    09/02/11
Where are Shawn and Chris                young couple crossing the Pacific               08/20/11
Women and Cruising                           women cruisers share their experiences      08/23/11
Yoders Afloat                                      retired couple sailing a Westsail 28             08/29/11
Zach Aboard                                       family living on a St. Francis 44                  08/30/11
Zero to Cruising                                  energetic couple sailing the Caribbean         09/01/11