Friday, September 2, 2011

This bucket list item takes some work!

I've decided to try and cross off one of my land-based bucket list items.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for me this will be quite the undertaking.  Why is Chris (yes I talk about myself in the 3rd person) boring us with some boring land stuff?  Well because it's my blog and I can :)  Anyways the years have been less then kind to my once Adonis-like physique, and I would like to change that.  So thinking about the things on my bucket-list I thought maybe it's time to finally attempt to do a marathon. Because what makes more sense then an out of shape, middle-aged man running a marathon?

Once upon a time when I was in decent shape (it was only like 5 years ago..  doesn't take long to do some damage to yourself) I would do road races, and threw a triathlon in here and there.  Now here I sit at 43 (hard to believe I know because I look so darn young!) weighing something way to close to 250.  So it's time to trim the excess, and get back to work.  The big goal of moving aboard, and eventually heading south requires a man in much better shape.  And once I start my cruising I don't know if I'll be able to cross the marathon off my list (see how confident I am that I will be cruising for a long time!).

So it's now or never for the marathon.  Cincinnati has a great marathon on May 6th that I am aiming to run.  I need to start cutting the weight down and getting in shape so that when I start the training program I won't be dying - too much! I want to be one of those 4200+ finishers!  So I apologize now for the updates that may or may not be coming in the future - but at least you were warned :)

One possible training schedule - would start in Jan

163Rest3Walk 2Rest26.2Rest34.2