Monday, January 9, 2012

Long drive to see some water!

I now find myself taking whatever opportunity I can to get near water (and not that yucky dirty Ohio River close to me either!).  My son was home for winter break from college, and needed a way to get back to school.  His dorm didn't open until 9am on Sunday.  So I offered to take him, leaving at 3am so that I could make the drive there and back in a day (8 1/2 hour drive one way).  Part of the reason was of course because I enjoy spending time with my son.  The other, more selfish reason was so I could get to Annapolis and near some water and sailboats!  So we got there close to 12, had a lunch, hung out near the city dock for an hour or so, and then I drove back.  17 hours of driving for a couple hours near the water.   Some people might say I'm a little nuts (heck, I might say it)! There is just something pulling me towards the water.  From the moment the crazy liveaboard thought popped into my brain til now it seems to get stronger each day.

So until that happens I guess long drives for glimpses of boats, and water will be on the schedule.  I thought I had a job opportunity in Tampa, but that one didn't pan out, so I'll keep searching until it happens.  In the meantime, I have an April vacation planned down to the Keys, and another in June near Tampa.  I'm sure plenty of boat looking, and job hunting will be going on!

And maybe I'll finally start blogging regularly because I'm sure you all have missed it :)