Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Debby didn't want me sailing

Well I was supposed to get some sailing lessons this past weekend.   I looked around a little bit, and found out that the Sailing Center out of the St Pete Yacht Club, offered a free weekend of sailing lessons if you became a member.  For a $250 membership due, that seemed like it was worth it just for the lessons themselves.  On top of that you also had free use of the clubs Ideal 18'.   First come first serve of course.  But lessons and free boats - sign me up!!!   Of course with such an awesome deal, the interest was very high.   The next available "free" sailing lesson was late August or September.    And since I'm a very impatient person - I found out they offered private lessons.   This past Sunday I was going to spend an afternoon, one on one with an instructor.   And see what sailing on the Gulf was like compared to an inland Ohio lake.   My initiation was sooooo close!!     And then mother nature decided that................

Tropical Storm Debby decided she wanted to pay a visit.   Oh well - I'm learning that schedules and sailing are not a good mix.  You sail when Mother Nature tells you, you're going to sail.   A good lesson for my future endeavors :)    To my instructor's credit (or misplaced optimism ?)  he did call that morning to see if I wanted to see if the weather cleared later in the day.   Of course it didn't because apparently Debby wants to stay around and vacation in the area a bit longer :(

So July 14th is my next class schedule (there's that dirty word again - schedule), and I will have to get by with looking at the water, and loitering in a West Marine to dream :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Year in the books

What a difference a year can make.  The Ohio native is now living in the land of water and warmth (well there are warmer places :) ).   The change I've been longing for, and quite frankly needed, has happened.  It still strikes me as almost surreal when I drive to work, and there is water on both sides of me as I cross the bridge from St Pete, to Tampa.  Even a long commute is ok when the scenery is water :)

The downside of course is my kids being back in Ohio, and I do miss them.  But they are off doing there own thing these days (really - do college age students really hand with their parents anyways? :)). And this fall they will both be off at college.  So if there is a time to make the change now was as good as any.  It's just amazing the variety of emotions that have gone on since this move became a reality.  Worried, nervous, excited, sad, happy....    And that was just on the 15 hour drive from Cincinnati to Tampa.  On the one hand I was leaving a life I was having trouble really enjoying, and headed towards an unknown life.  Also I was leaving kids and family behind.   But in the end, life is too short and I felt like if not now then it'll never happen.

Now it's time to move onto the next change - BOAT!!!  Must find a boat :)   But until that happens I have some sailing lessons coming up, and plan on joining the St Pete Sailing Center and use their 18' sailboats to learn on for now.    

And the best part for whoever is left tuning in here every once in awhile - Internet access - so I can post more regularly then the 1 every month thing I've been doing!

Hopefully there will be some sailing pics from this weekend to share :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Made it Somewhere Warm!

So finally I get around to updating what I've been up to for the last few months.  It's been quite the roller-coaster, but I've finally landed somewhere.  That somewhere is Tampa, more specifically South Pasadena.   2 miles away from the apartment I'm in - St Petersburg Beach!  1/2 mile from the apartment complex - Pasadena Marina.   The weather is warm, the water is close, and I see boats everywhere :)

As part of the move I was able to get a few things accomplished that will help out with my eventual liveaboard goal.   FIrst thing - got rid of a ton of stuff!!  It is truly amazing how many things we accumulate over the years.  It is even more amazing (or is that depressing) how much of that stuff we don't use.

The second thing, that I hope will help fund some cruising kitty, is my house in Ohio is rented out.  I still have to get the thing paid off, but going forward I plan on using that to supply me with some steady income (albeit not a lot) so I can sail, sail, sail away (insert favorite boating related song here!).

Now for the fun part.  I have an apartment lease for a year.  It's time to start looking at marinas, boats, and build some sailing skills.   All things that I hope to be able to update this blog with.  The problem lately has been the new job has been incredibly hectic, and no internet at the apartment yet, so I've had limited access to do some updates.  Weak excuse I know, but an excuse nonetheless :)

Well that's it for now - sitting in a cafe doing this quickly before I'm off.    But this is where I live now - the other side of this pic is water!!  Yep - the apartment complex is next to water.   Chris is happy :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Updates To Come Soon !

I have been incredibly neglectful - although very busy at the same time.  It's been a mad rush the last couple months - if it's possible to rush around for 2 months.   I will update the blog early next week on what's been going on!  But I am still alive, and warm, and close to water!!

More to come!