Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Year in the books

What a difference a year can make.  The Ohio native is now living in the land of water and warmth (well there are warmer places :) ).   The change I've been longing for, and quite frankly needed, has happened.  It still strikes me as almost surreal when I drive to work, and there is water on both sides of me as I cross the bridge from St Pete, to Tampa.  Even a long commute is ok when the scenery is water :)

The downside of course is my kids being back in Ohio, and I do miss them.  But they are off doing there own thing these days (really - do college age students really hand with their parents anyways? :)). And this fall they will both be off at college.  So if there is a time to make the change now was as good as any.  It's just amazing the variety of emotions that have gone on since this move became a reality.  Worried, nervous, excited, sad, happy....    And that was just on the 15 hour drive from Cincinnati to Tampa.  On the one hand I was leaving a life I was having trouble really enjoying, and headed towards an unknown life.  Also I was leaving kids and family behind.   But in the end, life is too short and I felt like if not now then it'll never happen.

Now it's time to move onto the next change - BOAT!!!  Must find a boat :)   But until that happens I have some sailing lessons coming up, and plan on joining the St Pete Sailing Center and use their 18' sailboats to learn on for now.    

And the best part for whoever is left tuning in here every once in awhile - Internet access - so I can post more regularly then the 1 every month thing I've been doing!

Hopefully there will be some sailing pics from this weekend to share :)


  1. Glad to hear all is going well! What school are you using for your lessons?


  2. Check the next post - the Sailing Center at St Pete. Not sure if that's convenient for you or not, but it's an option. Membership gets you use of the club 18's also. Can't remember if you have a boat or not.