Friday, February 3, 2012

Where are the sails ??

Well there is the possibility I'll end up on the water relatively soon.  However the boat I end up on may not have any sails on it.   I had an interview with Princess Cruises today, and it went pretty well.  Next up, a technical interview.   The job is for a Computer Officer.  Holy crap - me an officer?  Somebody is making a big mistake! So the quick overview, this will be 6 months of 7 days a week work supporting the computer systems onboard one of these floating hotels.  The perks as far as I can tell are traveling the world (albeit with just brief opportunities to visit ports of call), no need to pay for any housing or food for those 6 months, my own cabin, the ability to eat the same food the passengers eat (not the crew food).  After the 6 months I get 2 months of free time (time to sail!!).  Plus maybe I get the opportunity to scout out some future sailing locations.

Now, I have to figure out if I can get everything wrapped up and taken care of in a month or so, so that I can realistically do this.   I wonder how my kids will take the news.  Now my son is already in college, and my daughter will be going this fall.  So they are about to embark on their own journey in life.  But will dad being out of touch for 6 months at a time be rough on them (and by out of touch I mean not being able to see them in person).  Of course I will also have 2 months at a time to really annoy them if I so choose :)  Decisions, decisions.

It's funny; when you start thinking about changing your life dramatically it all sounds so awesome and exciting. When the opportunity presents itself, then some worry and doubt starts to creep in a little bit.  On the one hand I think I should just stick it out here for a bit longer.  But then on the other I think life is way to short, and we should all take a jump into the unknown from time to time.  Just to make sure we're really living!

It all could not matter as I still have a technical interview, and background check, and physical (have to make sure I can handle emergency situations).  But if it all goes well - big decision time!

Stay tuned !