Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Debby didn't want me sailing

Well I was supposed to get some sailing lessons this past weekend.   I looked around a little bit, and found out that the Sailing Center out of the St Pete Yacht Club, offered a free weekend of sailing lessons if you became a member.  For a $250 membership due, that seemed like it was worth it just for the lessons themselves.  On top of that you also had free use of the clubs Ideal 18'.   First come first serve of course.  But lessons and free boats - sign me up!!!   Of course with such an awesome deal, the interest was very high.   The next available "free" sailing lesson was late August or September.    And since I'm a very impatient person - I found out they offered private lessons.   This past Sunday I was going to spend an afternoon, one on one with an instructor.   And see what sailing on the Gulf was like compared to an inland Ohio lake.   My initiation was sooooo close!!     And then mother nature decided that................

Tropical Storm Debby decided she wanted to pay a visit.   Oh well - I'm learning that schedules and sailing are not a good mix.  You sail when Mother Nature tells you, you're going to sail.   A good lesson for my future endeavors :)    To my instructor's credit (or misplaced optimism ?)  he did call that morning to see if I wanted to see if the weather cleared later in the day.   Of course it didn't because apparently Debby wants to stay around and vacation in the area a bit longer :(

So July 14th is my next class schedule (there's that dirty word again - schedule), and I will have to get by with looking at the water, and loitering in a West Marine to dream :)


  1. Are you now a member of St PeteYacht Club? Outstanding!

    We keep the Barco out at the Florida Yacht Club. The Florida Council of Yacht Clubs enables members of affiliated clubs to be treated as members at all council yacht clubs! This is a better deal than you may imagine...

  2. Well, here in Japan we know all about those WindBags upsetting your sailing plans. But that too is part of The Life!
    Take a look at my Blog: http://syalishan.blogspot.jp/
    We are Living the Dream since 1984 and enoying every moment of it.
    Even with WindBags in the Air.