Thursday, March 15, 2012

Choices to Make!

Yes another round of silence from the slacker in Ohio.  I find myself in an interesting predicament (forgive any spelling errors - I'm a math major!).  While waiting for the various background checks, and my passport, and the other things that need done prior to fully accepting the position on Princess Cruises, I get told that an offer for another job is forthcoming.

The job is in Tampa, and from all indications sounds like a pretty good job.  So do I work on a cruise ship, and live wherever I want for the 2 months out of the year I'm not onboard, or do I go live in Tamp, find a boat and a marina and go sailing whenever the desire and weather allows.    I'm pretty tempted to go the Tampa route.  So there may be a massive garage sale shortly followed by (or in conjunction with) a frantic search for living space (hopefully on a boat) in Tampa. 

Decisions decisions !!  Many emotions including excited, nervous, anxious, worried, slightly stressed, and even some relief are flowing through my mind at the moment.  One way or the other it looks like I'll be living near water very soon :)


  1. Sounds like two good possibilities - which means that whatever you decide, you'll have an interesting life!

  2. Good luck! Starting a new adventure is so exciting.

    And thanks for including us on your blog list.

  3. Take the Tampa job if it pays better. You will have more free time. We can find you a boat in no time, the boats are literally everywhere since Florida is the place where boating dreams begin/die.

    It is a perspective and flexibility thing.

  4. Holy Toledo Chris! Take the job...grown kids are too busy with their own life to worry of you...they worried how they going to make it to you/our it do it do will be on the water...then when you are having down can be on the water with your own boat!!! Good luck with what ever you choose....!!!