Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello Again

I'm sorry for the prolonged absence.  I've had to deal with some issues in my life, and some of us our better equipped to handle those then others.  I apparently am not one of those people.  But rather then focus on the negative, it's time for some positive thinking.  So back to the dream I go.  It may be farther out on the horizon now then it ever was before, but it's still out there, beckoning me.  Asking me to not give up on it.  So how in the world can I refuse. 

I look forward to catching up on all the blogs I enjoyed following before.  And I promise not to get all depressed as I do :) Good sailing to you all, and even though I may not get out there soon, I will get out there!

- Chris


  1. Only five more months until spring. Keep stroking...!

  2. Yay for the dream!! I dream all the time. Hopefully I can get back to mine one day soon.

    Good for you for getting past the issues. It's behind you now and, in the words of Sir Edmund Hillary - ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!!!


  3. Barco - long time no chat! I'm stroking.. now thinking i'm getting rid of everything and moving south and starting over down south.. Keeps sounding better - who wants to wait for spring :)

    Sandy - dreams are good! Get back to yours!
    Onwards and Upwards indeed!

  4. Hey Chris,
    Anything to help. Just send an email to the Gmail.

    "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful..." To steal a line from Jimmy B.

  5. Barco - thanks! Definitely will keep that in mind. Been looking at jobs and marinas in the south. If I have to keep working I can at least do it on the water I hope. Plus, after this summer, both kids will be in college and out of the house.

    Love Jimmy B quotes!