Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Could this be the boat?

So I've been searching through boats a little more seriously lately.   I figure, why not start there, then worry about the job, and marina to live at.  Plus I'm still hanging out in Cincinnati until I get this all figured out anyways.  So below is a description of a Watkins I found that is located on Lake Erie.   It sounds enticing (of course anything does these days - the rose colored glasses of dreams! :)

Watkins 27' shoal runner aprox 4' draft. 1979. In good operating condition. We sailed right up until late October this season. Tiller steering. Good sized cockpit. Sleeps up to 6 w/ two double beds- one in salon and v-birth. Two single bunks. Two burner alcohol stovetop, icebox, sink. Length 27ft; waterline 23ft 8in; Beam 10ft; Draft 3ft 8in; Displacement 75000lb; Ballast 3500lb total; Headroom 6'2" Recent bottom work. Three sails- large mainsail, 130% head sail for roller furler and an older hank style jib sail, recent engine work, new motor mounts, new sensors. Motor runs great. A lot of extras like an auto helm, all necessary lines and rigging, 81/2' dingy, two anchors with 90'line,20'chain, a bag of various blocks, bins of other fittings, screws, hinges, latches, stainless and brass, recently added amidships cleats for spring lines, newly upholstered salon. Has cradle. Hand held radio, depth/fish finder, GPS also hand held. 8 disk CD player speakers in and outside in cockpit. Currently kept on Marblehead in East Harbor. Asking $6,000 or trade for roof, plumbing and other work on house in Columbus.


  1. My first thought is, no matter how good a boat in the Great Lakes looks, you have to add the cost of moving it to the East Coast - why not shop for a boat located where you plan to be? (Or at least, close by? Lots of choices here.)

    I'm also looking at features I'd want for everyday living. The boat you've listed looks fun for weekends. But for me, no refrig, alcohol stove, no hot water, wouldn't make for comfy day-to-day living; I'd feel like I was camping out. Consider not only the purchase cost, but the cost of installing those creature comforts that you require.

  2. Those are definitely good things to consider! As far as the camping out, that doesn't bother me too much, but it is something to consider for comfortable living :) Location is a good consideration. Depending on the situation and where I end up will definitely be considerations!

    Thanks for the helpful comments guys!!

  3. Hey CB;
    I tried to email you direct about the Watkins in Green Cove Springs, Florida. The photos are up and it looks like an ok boat, especially for the price. The commenter above makes a great point, though. Keep your eyes open and don't jump on the first boat.

    PS; I will be talking to the owner of Lambs Marine, there may be some boats with unpaid dockage...

    One never knows.

  4. This is my boat. I posted it for sale last year on Craigslist. Just so you know it is no longer for sale. We decided to keep her. Have had a great season so far. But thanks for the consideration. I'm sure you could find a similar Watkins on the Chesepeake Bay or down on the gulf. I've seen them for sale there. By the way, I'm thinking of changing out my gas stove at home for alcohol. It is very efficient. And I also have a gas grill for cooking steaks on deck or on land. But for a live aboard you would want a fridge.