Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do It Yourself!

So we have to learn to fix things ourselves right?  The more we can fix, the less it will cost, the more cruising we can do!  Today I was presented with just such an opportunity.  My lawnmower decided it had enough of cutting grass for me.  Now a new lawnmower doesn't fit into my new budget, nor does paying to have it repaired by somebody else.  What to do - well I guess I'll try and figure this thing out myself.   So off to the one source in the world where you can have all your questions answered (yes - the wizard of Google!).  So after looking around for some troubleshooting tips, and then some videos courtesy of YouTube, I decided to try cleaning out the mower's carb.

 Popped the little sucker off, took a couple pieces off, sprayed it out, and put it back together.   Then I crossed my fingers, and hoped (is that the typical cruiser's steps before testing a repair?).  What do you know it actually started.

 Ok, ok - so it isn't a diesel engine in a boat.  But I have to take my little victories where I can.  I like to think that I am channeling the spirit of the liveaboard here, if not the actual skill!  So with that little exercise behind me, I think the idea really should be to get a boat, and just start working on it.  I'll never really get practical skills without getting my hands dirty.  The phrase so often repeated to me keeps coming to mind - smaller, simpler, sooner!   Of course that assumes that after my sailing lessons I'll still be deadset on this life path. Since I"m pretty sure I will be I keep going out to yachtworld, and dream.  So many boats out there that deserve to be mine!

Well, I'm glad we've got that decided!  Now it's off for a home-cooked meal. Remember my new budget has no room for meals out.  So off for some lovely turkey meatloaf (ok - so it's not filet mignon, but it's yummy to me).

It does taste better then it looks - I promise.     

Honestly I don't understand how I'm still single - the man fixes lawnmowers, and cooks meatloaf..   I mean seriously, that's pretty impressive :)   So now I'm off to more chores (if they were on water I'd be in bliss).

Good sailing to you and yours!

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