Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long work day = short post

This is not how I fix computers - promise!

So this was one of those long work days, when my thoughts constantly turned to my new dream of life aboard (hope my customers didn't think I was bored with their issue - although I was :) ). It just reinforced the idea that maybe there is more to life, then the status quo.   I mean, why am I working ,what is it for?  For my house? Car? Stuff?   Is it allowing me to enjoy life, experience life?   If you've been paying attention to my little blog (please say you have), you know the answer - a resounding NO!

So I spent some time today making lists in my head of things I need to do to get away.  Since one of those things is to sell my house at some point - the list most prominently visited today was what needs fixed in the house.  And since I can barely remember my middle name some days, I'm putting it down in this blog (and you'll just have to deal with me using this space to keep track of things! ).

Things I need to get done on the house:

  1. Garage door replaced 
  2. Front walkway is wood that needs replaced
  3. Deck needs redone ( 2 levels, about 50ft long - just had to have a big deck didn't I? )
  4. Wood floor kitchen will be replaced with stone I think
  5. Painting - lots, and lots, and LOTS of painting
  6. Couple dead trees that need to come down (friendly neighbor - I need to borrow a chainsaw)
  7. Plenty of other miscellaneous things too numerous to mention.
Ok - now that I've completely bored you tonight, I have to get off here and finish some consulting work.  More work = more money = quicker departure!

Enjoy the sailing - or anchoring - or like me the dreaming!!

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