Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From Idea to Reality? You have climbed aboard from the start!

Welcome to what may end up being a total failure!  But even if I don't end up anchored in the Bahamas, my sailboat rocking in the waves, and a warm breeze on my face, I believe the personal journey itself will be worth the experience. If nothing else I hope to find out more about myself, what kind of life was I meant to lead, and what will truly make me happy.

Now before you start to groan, and worry that this might be some blog where I will blab on and on about philosophies of life, and how man was meant to live - well on second thought that may happen too! - but I intend to describe everything in the process.  From my first sailing lessons, and assuming that doesn't kill it from the beginning (maybe this turns into an RV fulltime living blog :) ), to practicing my skills on various boats, to deciding what type of boat, how I intend to support myself.  I'm sure the last sentence was a grammatical disaster.  That will be one thing you have to learn to cope with as this is an Applied Math major writing this blog!

I hope to list help I receive along the way - in terms of advice, and any other assistance.  I've heard (from my forum readings up to this point) that the sailing community is incredibly friendly and helpful. So I anticipate friendly advice telling me I'm being an idiot and point me in the right direction.

So now - here is where you (my masochistic reader), and I will start.    My 43rd birthday has just hit, and I find myself an out-of-shape former runner, who is single, unhappy, and has spent way too much time wallowing and maintaining life instead of living life.  I am divorced, and have 2 children.  One is 18 and on his way to Maryland for college, and the other will be a senior next year, and we're not sure where she will end up.  So the empty nest is upon me (unless of course - the kids end up having to come back - that never happens right? :)). I have recently found a decent job in the technical field (server technical specialist).  So maybe a consulting job will help support the lifestyle?  I already do some personal support remotely.   But that's a topic for another time.

Don't worry - I don't think I'll be living aboard next year or anything.  This will be a long process. I want to make sure it's right for me, and that I do enough research to get to the proper boat/equipment, etc.  This post seems to be getting way too long - so I'll leave this until tomorrow.  

Thanks for checking in! 



  1. Hey Tux;
    Surfed in from Midlife Cruising.

    Come by my blog http://maogwaicat.blogspot.com/2008/12/little-boating-story.html

    I learned the hard way and try to have fun telling the sea stories. And I still cruise from time to time. Please excuse my know it all attitude, I am still learning, too.

    Keep positive, there are a lot of good deals on boats out there, particularly in Florida (Which is where many sailing dreams go to die).

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I am about to head out to your blog, for what I anticipate will be many words of wisdom!

    I've been looking around - there are lots of deals depending on how much work I want to do. First steps first though - sailing lessons coming up :)

  3. Thought you might get a kick out of this!
    Nyx is a spirited girl who moves with her sister and parents to a Caribbean island. They move onto a boat at a marina where she meets a wild group of guys who also live on boats, though none of them have ever sailed one. Life at the marina is like being dropped down the rabbit hole, nothing makes sense. The biggest mysteries surround the luminescence where the boys give tours with their kayaks.