Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back from Sales School

East Shore Marina

I am back !!  Yes, I know you were all frustrated that you could not read wonderfully entertaining posts from Chris.  I apologize!   If it makes you feel any better, my plane didn't land until midnight, then I spent an 1 1/2 hrs in a traffic jam on the way home.   Land life sucks!!

my friends boat
I did get an offer to run over to Rocky Fork Lake and sail with a friend from the class I took. There was no wind as usual.  It appears that my presence anywhere near a sailboat is enough for the wind to disappear.  So he motored me around the lake in his 22' Aquarius.  A nice little first boat he got for 2k.  It got me to thinking (well that and many links sent from various friends re: cheap small boats out there) that maybe I could get a beginner boat soon!  Then later get my liveaboard.  

With that thought bouncing around in my head I came across the sign above.  It was sitting on a 1987 Hunter - 23.5 ft.  $3900.  Seems like that might be a good starter boat.  So a message was left on the seller's voicemail.   Maybe I will have something to learn on soon!


  1. Woo on Chris's boat...wait...will they kick you out of the marina if you continue to make the wind disappear???
    Smiles...Doll (&Capt'n too)

  2. Well it'll be a really small party :) Yeah - they may kick me out - guess I'll be anchoring out then - oh darn :)

  3. How exciting! Hopefully it'll all work out!

    It seems you and I share something in common: often when the wind is up and I either raise my main or just put the jib on the foredeck, the wind dies. Of course today it's 14 knots and may go up, so it's too windy. Rarely is there a happy medium.

  4. Courtney - thanks! I wish I was brave like you and just went straight to the liveaboard! Someday..

    I was hoping that my condition wasn't contagious. But alas, it sounds like it is spreading. I'll say this now, and probably regret it later, but I wish I had 14 knot winds the other day. Whatever lets us turn the iron jib off is fine with me!

  5. Sounds like a real nice deal on that Hunter.