Monday, August 1, 2011

A Good Book

Sailing the Dream

I know I had this book included on an earlier post, but that was after just getting it.  I finally finished this book, in between all those blogs I read (such hard work!).  But it is an inspirational story for people just looking at a cruising lifestyle.  At least I think  so - I could be a little nuts!  A couple that buys a 34' sailboat and sails with their son from North America, to the South Pacific, and to Hawaii.

I thought it to be an honest accounting of their travels.  From the hardships and problems they ran into, to the wonderful new experiences and cultures they encountered.  During some of the recounting of their travels it almost felt like I could experience the journey with them.  Jealousy tinged with admiration at the way they just did it!   Maybe that's why there is a ridiculous list of blogs on my favorites page.  I'm living vicariously through those more brave souls already out there.  Those of you already out there probably don't need to read that book to experience the adventure, but for those land-locked souls, it is something to inspire you to make your plans! 

With that said - guess it's time to practice some knots.



    This listing has a bit of damage, you could throw a couple layers of fiberglas to temporarily cover the hole. Muskegon is not too far away and for 1500 bucks you could be in a decent liveaboard situation.

    Your mileage may vary...

  2. Barco - hmmm. I've seen boats in worse shape listed for much more money. All in a all it doesn't look that bad. Especially as a liveaboard. 6 hours away. Now you have me thinking! :)

  3. Sounds like a good book that I wasn't familiar with. Thanks for the info! I also spend way too much time reading cruising blogs and dreaming but I still can't get enough!

  4. Mid-Life - it is an addiction isn't it :)