Monday, August 8, 2011

A couple of other Ohio River Marinas

As usual I just can't stop looking around and daydreaming.  I have visted the Four Seasons Marina, had a couple beers there - or was it 5.. hmm I'm getting a little cloudy on that one.  But since I'm still stuck on land, I continue to want to at least look at pictures of boats on water, so I look for more places to visit.   I've added 2 more marinas to my list of possibilities.

Manhattan Harbour Marina is on the Kentucky side of the river.  I never thought I'd be on the Kentucky side, what will all the civilized Ohioans think (sorry - for all of you unaware, Cincinnati is on the Ohio/Kentucky border.  The Ohioans - aka us yankees  - sometimes pick fun at our southern neighbors).  This marina also has a couple restaurants, a bar (i always seem to find a place with a bar), marina shop, and the other expected facilities.  It's part of what appears to be a development of apartments, condos, etc.  So do I want to be in the middle of all that?   Should be a lively area, but will i get peace and quiet?  Do I want peace and quiet? Decisions, decisions

The other marina I found is the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club.  This marina is actually located in Indiana - what's the matter, did I just decide to start hating on my home state? - and looks to be a bit quieter then some of the other ones I've looked at. No restaurants, no bars, just a marina and the boating facilities you need.  I might sleep better there.  It is a bit more of a drive then the others, but everything is open, and plus my job is spent driving around when I"m not at the house anyways. So really anything relatively close will work.

Basically for any of the marinas it'll cost me an average of around $300/month to liveaboard there.  And all 3 of the main ones I've looked at take liveaboards.  The Lighthouse Yacht club has 1 liveaboard, the Four Seaons has 2, and the Manhattan Harbour has several.  So I guess that could also figure into it.  Do I want a larger community of liveaboards (although I'm not sure if the several translates into large - but close enough :) ).

So I need to choose one, and I need to get a boat!  The Search continues (yes I capitalized The Search - it is a big event !).


  1. 300 bucks a month is cheap. Trick is getting a boat that is warm in winter and cool in summer. Living aboard, you will become aware of some things you never considered; Eliminating moisture from your shower, holding tanks, etc.

    If you do choose a marina, make sure they have plenty of ashore heads and shower facilities. I lived in one marina that was $600 a month and there was only one toilet and a single shower.

  2. Barco - That's good advice. I'm sure there are many things I will get to learn once I do make the move. But yes, I will keep my eye out on the toilet and shower situation! One of my thoughts is to use the gym as a post morning workout shower. 2 of the marina's I looked at have outside bar/restaurants with restrooms. Of course that's not year round though. Ah the joys of living in the north in the winter :)

  3. You have been busy Chris!!! Inspiring for Capt'n and I to keep plugging at it too. Financial is going to slow us down a bit(I have one in college..ooohboy)...but we keep looking and dreaming and saving...Smiles...Doll

  4. Well I have to do something to take my mind off this land-based life :) Funny you mention college expenses. I'm taking my son to college in a couple of weeks. I'm jealous he will be in Annapolis near water, and a lot of sailboats!! Then next year my daughter heads off as well. So I won't be able to break my ties to land because I'll need a job that pays for all of that. But I might end up living on a local marina. So it's a compromise until I can go! The race is on - which one of us goes first - Doll and Capt'n or Chris ? :)

  5. Ooooh...a what are the stakes??? Hmmmm?

  6. I'm sure the stakes will enjoy some form of adult beverage :)