Saturday, August 6, 2011

Marina on the Ohio River

Look - open slips just waiting for me!!
After work today, I thought I'd stop by that marina I've been thinking about living at next year - Four Seasons. I thought I'd just grab a few beers at Pirates Cover, the bar/restaurant at the marina.  They were setting up for the band to play, so it looks like I would be getting free music (whether I wanted to listen to it or not) if I stayed there. 

The one thing that did strike me, as I looked around spying on the boaters, was the sense of community amongst the boaters.  I know that there are very few liveaboards at the marina, but even the weekenders all seemed to know each other, and we're sitting on the docks in groups of chairs eating, and drinking with each other.  It emboldens me to continue on my path so I can join the fraternity of boaters.  Soon, I keep repeating it to myself, soon. 

I can see myself here someday!

Out of all the boats here - only 1 sailboat


  1. And you can make it TWO it do it do it!!!...Doll (& Capt'n too)