Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sailing Blogs Updated Today

As promised, on slow creative days on land I'm just going to list the blogs that were updated today from my list.  I figure that nobody wants to look through a list of 91 (and growing) blogs to see what was updated today.  Of course more sane people would just follow a couple of blogs.  But I like to imagine I'm providing a valuable service to somebody !

Favorite List blogs Updated 07/31/11

Attainable Adventure Cruising
Boat Bits
Interview With a Cruiser      not a new interview though - so don't get too excited :)
For As Long As It Takes
Lucey Blue   
Pale Moon Dove
Sailing Adventures of Dream Catcher
Sarf & West
Sailing Cynus III Around the World
S/V Eyoni
S/V Third Day
Tiny House Blog
Twice in a Lifetime
Watery Tails
Sen's Sekai II
Zero to Cruising!

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