Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomorrow it's on the water

So it's time for my own little victory. Tomorrow at 2pm I will be looking foolish on the water. Now I know that lake doesn't look like much to you big-time cruisers :) but it's the best I got! So I'll get to try some tacking, some jibing, hopefully no swimming will be involved.   Although I'm wondering if I'll walk up to the dock, look at the boat, and wonder what all the heck those different lines do!   The little boat on the hard they used as an example had a lot fewer lines then the videos online I've been watching.   I look at some of those videos and wonder what in the world was up with that pile of rope that looked a bunch of spaghetti.

That's me in the lead :)  Ok - so the one way in the back would be more accurate. Luckily the racing on that lake occurs on Sunday.  But I'm guessing on a Saturday afternoon it will still be fairly crowded.  I think they need to design sail that looks like one of those Student Driver bumper stickers.  That way everybody knows to stay far, far away from the rookie sailor!

So hopefully after tomorrow I won't be making one last post regarding sailing saying I hate it!  I guess it's onto RV living or something after that.   I'm pretty sure though that my appetite for sailing will be increased more and I'll be looking at ways to try and speed up the process even more.


  1. Will be anxious to hear from you after your sail!

  2. While the wind was disappointing, I find myself wanting to get back on the water ASAP. I was thinking that as I was working today. I'd rather be out on a boat in 90 degree weather with no wind, then working in an air conditioned data center.