Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Neat Solar Idea

Came across this idea on the The Good Human website.  Basically it's just a solar heater.  Air comes in from the bottom holes, as it's warmed up air rises through the cans, getting hotter, then hot the top hole. While maybe not a solution for my future cruising plans (I do after all, plan on being anchored somewhere very warm!!).  But for all of you in more temperate climates on board, or even stuck on land (like yours truly), this idea may have merit.   Basically it's just an old window in a frame, some pop (beer) cans, a little insulation, some black spray paint, and some drilling.   Heck - as easy as that is, even I might be able to get it built!

Yet another short post - I apologize.  I know you guys need more words of wisdom and insight from me.  Just think of it as saving up for some incredible revelation later on :)

On a much more exciting note for me -   Sailing Class TOMORROW!!!!!  Well just the indoors part.   But Saturday I get out on the water!   
Yes - I'm jumping for joy!


  1. Dude, I'm excited for you! Can't waiting to hear about how that goes. Man, I don't know how you found it for $~100, but find one like that in Tulsa for me!

    The heater is cool, but find me a way to make an air conditioner in a similar way, mate!

  2. Somebody on one of the forums actually pointed me to this class - otherwise I'd have never known about it. I think I lucked out.

    I'll work on that AC for you - i think a box of ice with a fan blowing is the best you'll get :)

  3. Don't bother with a kludged device that is too bulky for stowage; Just get a sun shower. They are plastic and create very hot water. When you are done you roll up and stow.

    Have fun at the class!

  4. Oh it's not for me, I just think it's neat the different ideas people come up with for harnessing the sun or any other type of green energy.