Saturday, July 9, 2011

Class this week!

I get my first taste of some sailing this week, and I'm pretty excited!  3 hours of an classrom class, then an afternoon on a local lake.  Of course the problem could be that once I get a taste of sailing I have to shorten the timeframe of the plan dramatically; a risk I'm more then willing to take :)

I know it's just a few hours but it's a start.  Then maybe move onto a sailing club on one of the small lakes nearby.  I have a very nice offer from a couple in Annapolis I talked to via the Sailnet forums to go out with them (I think they just want to make me miserable about not having a boat! - so mean ).  The sailing community is so friendly to everybody; it's very refreshing!

After that - who knows where I'll end up!  Somewhere warm I'm hoping!


  1. Awesome man! Sounds amazing. I wish I was going! I need to start pressing some of the clubs around here more!

  2. Yeah - I've heard that clubs are a good way to start. So after this class I'll poke around and find one to join, and get sailing. Everybody keeps saying just do it, so find yourself one and get to it.

  3. I hope you are enjoying all of the classroom learning! One other thing; Boat owners need crew, every where. Get all of the qualifications you can do while waiting to buy. It is truly more fun to be the crew person who is not tied up financially to a hull, especially your first or second time underway.

  4. Yeah I've heard that few times. The guy teaching the class said he used to show up at the various lakes with a PFD in hand and asking if anybody needed crew. He said you'd be amazed at how many people would want a little extra help. So I'm thinking I'm going to see if I can do some of that.