Saturday, July 30, 2011

Got the favorite list back

So the computer guy finally got done typing his favorite list back in because he didn't have a backup of it.  Yes - IT is my profession.  And yes, the idea for trying to keep a list of 90 sailing blogs made for a lot of work retyping :)  but I'm a glutton, and it seemed like a popular page - more popular by far then my posts according to the stats - so it's back  

he goes one way
Not really much new to post because of that, but a couple pictures taken from outside.  I see the cruisers posting pics of wildlife, and tropical plants.  So in lieu of me being out there - I will post boring pictures from animals on lands - and boring flowers.  You're welcome :)

then he goes the other

On a side note - it looks like I'm going to get to join in some sailboat racing on a Y-Flyer.  So that'll be exciting for me!

and for no real reason - flowers :)


  1. many and they look so do you have the time???...smiles...Doll (Capt'n just said, "Greeeat it is like when she gets a library book...she HAS to read it ALL!!!")

  2. It's really simple - I have no life :) Besides if I can't have the sailing life, I can at least read about it right? Oh - and glad you guys have recovered from the Mac vs water fight!