Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Couple links for beginners

I'm going to keep this one quick today - been a busy day on land :( 

The guy that I'm going to bum some sailing rides from sent me a couple links for any beginners out there like myself.   The first site is a how-to on various sailing skills needed.  Rest assured I will be going through this site thoroughly.  Maybe that's why he sent me the links.   He doesn't want some idiot on his boat that doesn't know what to do.

An Introduction to the World of Sailing

The other site is a rope tying site.  The neat thing about this one is it has animations for how to tie the various knots. I think this will be very useful. At the class I took, the instructor had about 15 minutes to go over various knots.  And with 12 of us crammed in the store trying to watch the knot tying, it didn't work out so great.  But with this site, I can practice (even if it's with a couple shoelaces) tying the various knots.

Animated Knots

Well I'm off to super-exciting land chores.  Or maybe I'll just go to Yachtworld and do a little dreaming.  See what kind of boat I can get and drop in a marina on the Ohio River.  Hmmmm..  maybe the dream will happen sooner then I think :)

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