Monday, July 18, 2011

Selling stuff starts

Well it had to happen sooner or later.  One thing on the list to go - the motorcycle is out the door tomorrow.  I'm not really sure how much this will actually help me reach my dream.  Because a nice little letter in the mailbox yesterday reminded me of my son's upcoming tuition payment. But I will save $70/month or so every month on insurance so that's something. A little bit of the sale will be used to chip away at a couple bills, and then the rest is off to tuition for my son, and some soccer dues for my daughter.  Life does have a way at coming at you from multiple directions doesn't it. However, when it comes to your kids, some sacrifices have to be made so they can get started on their own paths in life. 

My eyes are on the prize though. I will keep chipping away little by little.  At the start of a journey it can seem daunting, and unreachable.  I'm going to try and apply some tricks from my days in track and cross-country.  Focus on little milestones, short targets.  Don't worry about the finish line so far away.  The next lap will become my next bill paid, the next mile run will become getting more experience sailing.   I'll just keep at it, and before I know it I'll reach that finish line, and be off on my adventure.  Well that's the thought anyway :)

I guess the fact I can't stop thinking about getting back on the water after a subpar day of sailing means that his journey will continue.  So sorry guys and gals - you're stuck with me for a while (unless of course you don't look at the blog anymore!).


  1. Been reading your have caught the have Capt'n and I have...we are at the boat shopping level...and just started blogging...yesterday. We will be keeping an eye on your progress and maybe we shall see each other out there on the water...potluck anyone?? Smiles..Doll

  2. Well now I have a new blog to read :) And thanks for hanging in there on mine. I'm not sure I've seen the word porn used so much on a sailing blog before as I see on yours :) I look forward to the day it's time for a potluck! or drinks - you know I'm very agreeable to either :) Good luck on finding a boat!