Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interesting Documentary

Land life keeps wanting to mess with me!  If I can't be on a boat, at least I could have more time to spend on my incredible blog, with my thousands of readers.  But alas, tonight will be brief.  Maybe I'll just do short recaps of recent posts from blogs on the favorite lists, when I can't come up with my own material.  At least you'll be assured of actually learning something, or enjoy some good writing; all things severely lacking from my own posts.

The movie link that I have so rudely pilfered from Cheap Oars' blog (A blog following a young man with dreams like my own - but with sufficiently more time ahead of him then me!) is Hold Fast.  I found this movie to be very interesting.  Following 4 young adults, from not having a boat, to restoring a boat (the Pestilence), and then sailing it.  I enjoyed it thoroughly myself - although others might not.  It is a full length movie (documentary) so you will need over an hour to watch it.  So find a rainy day, where you have plenty of battery life, and a good fast connection and have a watch of it!


  1. I could definitely see why people wouldn't like it... but it's real and it's raw and it's just doing it! Thanks for the double link!

    It's nice to see that people can just *do* it. Buy the boat and go. They obviously had some money saved because besides the cost of the boat, they had the solar panels and just bought the engine without (what appeared) to be much thought (beside the aversion to the iron sail itself). Not sure why they went through all the crap with the mast then if they had $$$, but free is free squatters. Either way it shows it can be done if nothing else. I thought it was definitely worth watching it... probably why I posted it!

  2. Hollywoodme - I was a little confused where those guys came up with the money to get their parts, when they tried to live such a spartan existence. But it was still a good look at taking the initiative and just doing it, and fending for yourself!

  3. Hey CB;
    I agree with Hollywoodme, most of this was awfully contrived. One does not purchase a Yanmar motor in the Bahamas like one might buy a case of beer.
    But I enjoyed the video for what it seemingly was about, even though I don't care for the implied midnight thievery. One other point; Vagrants don't get to leave their boats on the hard in the Bahamas for nothing. So there was definitely some significant financial wherewithal.

    Oh, another thing; Don't try to sail to Formerly British Islands without having your paperwork in order. The Civil Service there take their duties very seriously.

    Great video!

  4. How do you put these video's out their