Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1st Day of Class

Ahh, finally.  The first day of class.  This was the boring part - sitting in a chair in the middle of a sailing store.  Although I sat there listening, and then looking at the boating equipment inside the stores, and all those sailboats outside the window; got rid of the boredom quickly !     So many terms, and concepts going through my head.  Tacking and sailing upwind, jibing and sailing downwind, standard rigging, running rigging, cleats, wenches, a bunch of knots!   Wow - I hope there's not a test on all this.  I don't wanna fail.  Although I guess the test will actually be Saturday on the lake.  I believe we'll be sailing on some 25' sailboat, on a lake with no horsepower limit, so we get to dodge powerboats, and all those fun jetski's.  I think this is what is affectionately called "trial by fire" or is that water?

What's a halyard? 

There was quite the group in the class.  A family of three (father, mother, son), a few couples my age, a single guy, and a younger couple that already bought a 25' Macgregor but had never sailed (kind of wish I jumped right in like they did).  Sailors come in all shapes and sizes, and the class was lively with discussion.  I think sailors or people that want to enjoy that type of life, are by nature a friendly group!

3 days til water!  Watch out!! :)


  1. I too am starting my sailing class this week. I echo your commets about all the "stuff" you need to learn.

    Good Luck!


  2. Thomas - Thanks! There is a lot. I think once we get out there and start doing it, it'll come pretty quickly (at least I hope so! :) ). Good luck to you on your class!

  3. The nice thing about the course is that you will learn how to properly do things and not have to look like an idiot (like I always did!) when you get out on the water.

    Good times coming, for sure!

  4. Not sure if you saw it but here is a video from last September's Musket Cove Regatta.

  5. Very true Barco - although I imagine there will be plenty of idiot opportunities for me :)

    That's a cool video, but the number of lines on that boat confuses me . Much different from the little demo boat at the class Thursday. So much to learn !