Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let's see if this thing will sell

Yep - it's time to start simplifying.  Regardless of actually ending up in a sailboat or not (but let's be honest - that is happening!!! ), the bike is on Craigslist.  A few people have called already.  Let's hope we can get this sucker sold.  It was fun to ride, but we're thinking big picture here!  I don't think any boat in my price range is going to have space to store my toy :)   It does shine nice in the sun though!


  1. Good for you - nothing makes the coming transition feel 'real' like selling your wheels. My beloved convertible sold on my last day of work; my boss went with me to drop it off at the home of the new owner. Then back at the office I handed my key card and badge to said boss, and started on "Life, Act II."

    You may have chills and bad dreams the night you sell those sparkly wheels ... you have a great attitude that I'm sure will carry you through, it'll be worth it; life afloat is wonderful. (from wingNwing, coming out from under my alias now)

  2. oops, that was supposed to say, "you may have chills and bad dreams ... *I certainly did* ..."

  3. The secret is out! Don't worry, as many people as read this blog, your secret is still safe :) Thanks for the words of encouragement! I only wish that after I sold the bike I'd be handing my badge in. But I keep dreaming about that day!

    If you can dream it, you can do it! Or at least that's how I'm approaching it!

  4. We have two motorcycles to sell, along with the house and sooo much other stuff! We're holding on to the bikes until the house sells and then they're going to have to go. Actually, with getting the house ready and sailing we haven't been able to enjoy the bikes near as much as we used to, but we will miss them. Good luck!

  5. Make a craigslist ad for the bike with a option to trade for live aboard sailboat. I have seen 25 footers go for a thousand bucks down here, imagine a boat good enough to swap for your bike.

    It can come true!

  6. Mid-Life - You may miss the bikes a little, but I think it'll probably be replaced by enjoying the boat a lot more!

    Barco - actually did get offered a boat already - it was just a 17' Bayliner though. So not quite right. And I"m not quite ready yet. After my daughter is off to college next year is when I'll really be looking at boats seriously - I hope.

  7. Nice to hear about a boat offer. Agree about small power boat being inadequate. Problem about living away from open water is a lack of usable boats being avalable.

    To paraphrase an old quote; "Boats happen while you are making other plans." So be ready to adapt and improvise because You are probably closer to your dream than you suspect.

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