Thursday, July 14, 2011

Land chores aren't as interesting

I read many (many, many) blogs about life aboard.  And the cruisers are more then happy to describe their typical day, and the things they have to do to maintain their boats.  How come if I were to describe the chores involved with the house upkeep, I'd lose the other half of my audience that wasn't already bored.

I mean here I am doing some exciting lawn mowing, and a little walkway repair and I'm bored just thinking about it!  I could weave tales of ripping out the old rotten boards, my trip to the hardware store to get some wood, and scews, and then the finally get the new boards down.  ZZZZZzzzzzzzz .    But someday all this dirt-dwelling boredom will be behind me, and I can join in with my experiences on the water!

So bare with me.  Suffering through all of this with me will reward all of us with much more interesting blogs (they couldn't get any less interesting right? :) ).

That middle board with the stamp did get flipped -  don't yell at me!


  1. I learned a lesson at 31 years of age; Yard work is for other people. Especially kids. And retirees.

    Watch this from November 2011;

    I'm more than ready to get outta here!

  2. How have I not learned that lesson at 43 years of age.. hmmm Where are the kids?

    Love watching videos of sailing.. Gets me inspired to keep going along my path!